Firefox 91

As scheduled, and although it has been available on the Mozilla server since yesterday, a few moments ago the launch of Firefox 91. It is a new major version, or rather monthly, since it brings new features, but much less than many of us would like. The fox logo browser, although its name comes from a little red panda, is losing more and more users, in part due to a lack of features and innovation.

For example, it is known that you are working on a tool to translate pages, but right now it is only translating into English. It can be a good option, since looking at about: config We see that it translates using Google, but that value can be edited and, perhaps, it allows us to add other options such as DeepL. In any case, today’s news is that Firefox 91 has been released, and by the way, we can’t translate pages yet with the.

Highlights of Firefox 91

  • On the basis of Total Cookie Protection, they have added a more complete logic for the elimination of cookies that prevents the leakage of hidden data and makes it easier for users to understand the websites that store local information.
  • Firefox now supports logging into Microsoft, work, and school accounts using Windows single sign-on.
  • The function of simplifying the page when printing returns. When printing, under More Settings> Layout there is a Simplified option when available for a clutter-free page.
  • HTTPS-First Policy: Firefox’s Private Browsing windows now try to make all connections to web sites secure, and revert to insecure connections only when web sites do not support it.
  • They have added a new locale: Scottish (sco)
  • The address bar now provides Switch to Tab results in Private Browsing windows as well.
  • Firefox now automatically activates High Contrast Mode when “Increase Contrast” is checked on MacOS
  • Firefox now paints recovery for almost all user interactions, allowing a 10-20% improvement in response time to most user interactions.

Firefox 91 It is now available for all supported systems from your official website. In the next few hours we will be able to download it from Flathub and Snapcraft, and the update should soon appear in the software store of any Linux distribution that is still supported. The next version will arrive in four weeks, and looking at Nightly nothing makes us think they have anything exciting in store.