Firefox 86 with 2 PiP

4 weeks ago, Mozilla released the latest version of its web browser to support Flash Player. That version also introduced an extra layer of security, making each page keep its own configuration, but that is part of the past and is now available. Firefox 86, the last major and stable update of the browser that many developers recommend for being the only reliable one because it does not depend on Google. And we have to remember that Chromium cannot use certain APIs from the previous version.

One of the most outstanding news of those that come with Firefox 86 is one that personally I don’t think I use much. From this version, the browser will allow us to open more than one window in Picture-in-Picture, for those of you who are able to watch two videos at the same time or need to do it for some reason that I can’t imagine right now. You have the rest of the news that comes with Firefox 86 after the jump.

What’s new in Firefox 86

  • Firefox now supports the simultaneous display of multiple videos in Picture-in-Picture.
  • Today, Firefox introduces Total Cookie Protection in strict mode. In Total Cookie Protection, each website has its own “cookie jar”, which prevents cookies from being used to track us from one site to another.
  • Printing functionality has been improved with a cleaner design and better integration with our computer’s printer settings.
  • For Firefox users in Canada, credit card management and autocomplete are now enabled.
  • Notable performance and stability improvements are achieved by moving canvas drawing and WebGL drawing to the GPU process.
  • Read mode now works with local HTML pages.
  • Using screen reader quick navigation to switch to editable text controls no longer incorrectly hits non-editable cells in some grids, such as on
  • Orca screen reader’s mouse check feature now works correctly after switching tabs in Firefox.
  • Screen readers no longer incorrectly report column headings in tables that contain cells that span multiple columns.
  • Links in Reader View now have more color contrast.
  • Various security fixes.

Firefox 86 has been officially released, and is already available from its website, which we can access from this link. From there, Linux users will download some self-updating binaries, but the new package will not appear in the official repositories of our distribution until a few hours / days have passed.