Find out where are ALL the WhatsApp audios you have received

No one can deny that WhatsApp audios they have become an important part of the application. Thanks to them it is easier to communicate something, reply to messages faster and stay in touch with friends and family. But, did you know that all the audios you ever sent or received are still stored on your phone?

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All devices Android Y ios They have a hidden folder where WhatsApp audios or voice notes are stored without you noticing. Here we will show you how to get there to be able to eliminate those that you no longer want to save or listen to those that you no longer remember you had.

Where are the WhatsApp audios stored on my phone?

It is important to mention that this trick only works for phones Android, since these folders are encrypted on iPhones and it is not possible to access them or make modifications. If your phone is Android, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Enter the Records from your phone.
2. Now select the section that says “Applications” and then “Internal storage”.

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3. Once there, look for the folder “WhatsApp” and then click “Half”.

4. Here you will find many more folders, the ones that interest us are “WhatsApp Audio” Y “WhatsApp Voice Notes”.

Where are WhatsApp audios saved on your phone

5. When you enter them you will be able to listen to the audios again and delete those that you no longer want to keep.

You will notice that if you have used the function a lot WhatsApp audios since you created your account, the list of saved audios will be very long; so you should take your time to choose which ones you no longer want to keep and thus not occupy storage memory inside your phone.

For this trick you do not need external apps, you can find everything on your phone and WhatsApp, which you can enjoy unlimitedly thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend and #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Once you get to the hidden WhatsApp audios folder, feel free to share this information with your friends, which can also be used to find an audio that you thought was lost and wanted to listen to it again. 😉

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