FCC proposes more restrictions on Chinese telecommunications equipment

Jessica Rosenworcel, Acting Chairman of the FCC, said the proposal was aimed at protecting US networks.

“Insecure network equipment can undermine our 5G future by providing foreign players with access to our communications,” he said. “This, in turn, can mean the ability to inject viruses and malware into our network traffic, steal private data, engage in intellectual property theft, and police businesses and government agencies.”

Huawei criticized the agency’s proposal.

“Blocking the purchase of equipment, based on a ‘predictive judgment’ related to the country of origin or the brand, has no merit, is discriminatory and will do nothing to protect the integrity of the US communication networks or supply chains. . ”Said a representative of Huawei.

The agency will begin receiving public comments on the proposal and then go before the four commissioners for a final vote, likely in several weeks. It will need a majority vote to pass and is expected to garner unanimous support.

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