False ‘online’ on WhatsApp: What is it and how to fix it?

WhatsApp is by far the favorite instant messaging application of many, since it offers different functions, such as calls, video calls, sharing stickers and even states. However, it has something called “Fake ‘online’ on WhatsApp”, which is to stay ‘online’ or connected after exiting the application.

The fake ‘online’ WhatsApp It is not an in-app problem, but it has caused people to believe that some users are ‘online’ to chat, when they are not. Surely it has ever happened to you, what have you been told “I saw that you were ‘online’ and you didn’t answer me”when in fact you weren’t.

Michael Scott wondering about what is the fake 'online' in WhatsApp - Blog Hola Telcel

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Well, the fake ‘online’ WhatsApp This is because the app continues to work on backups after you leave the app. For that reason, the ‘online’ remains approximately 15-30 seconds longer. In fact, the time can be lengthened depending on the Internet connection speed of other users.

How to fix the fake ‘online’ of WhatsApp?

Although el fake ‘online’ WhatsApp It is not exactly a problem to be solved, there is an alternative to avoid appearing as connected after leaving the application. To do this, you just have to enter the ‘Settings’ of your phone, click on the option ‘Applications’, choose the one of ‘WhatsApp’ and finally press on ‘Force stop’ or ‘Stop’. With this the background processes will stop completely.

Force stop in WhatsApp to avoid appearing 'online' .- Blog Hola Telcel

With this alternative you will reduce the time of the fake ‘online’ of WhatsApp. But, if you don’t mind staying ‘online’ for a few more seconds, then nothing needs to be done. So keep enjoying your favorite app to stay connected with friends and family.

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The false 'online' in WhatsApp is not a problem, but it can be avoided.- Blog Hola Telcel
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Now you know, the next time they tell you that you were ‘online’ on WhatsApp and you did not respond, show them this information and more people will know the fake ‘online’ of the app. 😉

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