Facebook: You can control the comments and choose what you want to see

Facebook is determined to offer you better and better options to remain one of your favorite apps. This time it will allow you to have better control over who can comment and interact with your posts, in addition to that you can decide the content that you want to appear in your Feed.

Find out how to activate these new features in your account. Enjoy all the news from Facebook taking advantage of the fact that this and all the apps of your favorite social networks are unlimited in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the best coverage.

Facebook will allow you to control the comments you receive on your publications

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How will you limit the comments on your posts?

Surely, sometimes when publishing a photo or a post, you would like to limit the comments you receive, such as can be done in Twitter. Facebook has developed a new function to help you in this, the next time you want to make a publication, you will see the option to decide who will be able to interact and comment on it.

In the options menu you will have the possibility to select that your post is public, for friends or only for the people or pages that are tagged. That is, although the rest will be able to see it, only those who select will be able to comment.

How will you build your own Feed on Facebook?

With this new Facebook option you can configure what you see in the news feed, you will have three options:

-In chronological way
-With the users or pages with which you interact the most
-Select your interests in a personalized way.

facebook will allow you to select what you see in your profile feed

In this way you will stay informed in a faster way about the topics that are important or more fun for you.

To activate these new functions, remember to keep your app updated ios or Android with the latest version of Facebook.

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