Facebook will no longer let you share news without reading it

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Like Twitter, Facebook works on a new function that invites its users to read the news before sharing it

In recent years the diffusion of fake news through the social media has increased significantly. That is why the platforms have developed some tools to avoid share news without read them.

Facebook announced that it is working on a new feature that invites its users to read any Article and in this way avoid misinformation.


According to the platform, this tool would be tested in six percent of users worldwide. Later it will be implemented to all people.

How does the Facebook tool work to not share news without reading it?

The social network He noted that this pop-up aims to encourage the exchange of data in an informed manner. In this way there would no longer be viralization of news that were not read.

Facebook explained that this tool will not limit the ability of users to share links. But the user who wants to spread a News Without having opened it, you will receive a pop-up message where you will be asked:

“If you want to share without having opened the information”

After the message appears, users can press two different buttons, either one to open the article, or another that indicates “continue sharing” to share it even if the note has not been opened.

Facebook share news

This tool is similar to the one you use Twitter since last year. The social network even highlighted that thanks to this function it was achieved that the news links opened at least 40 percent more times than usual.

In this sense, it was revealed that the pop-up messages “give the user the feeling that their bad behavior is being observed, this in turn limits their lack of data verification, which could be a step forward in automated moderation on network platforms. social activities in order to reduce misinformation online or content that promotes hate speech ”.

Facebook’s fight against fake news

Since last year Facebook has implemented some functions to combat fake news, including the pop-up message launched by the platform warning users before sharing information with more than 90 days of existence.

This in order to prevent content that has been taken out of context from being shared. They also have verifiers that help detect links with erroneous information.

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