Facebook will add subtitles to Stories to be inclusive

Facebook seeks to be constantly updated and provide the best tools to its millions of users around the world. This is how the application has been working on a new function with which subtitles will be automatically added to the Facebook Stories, which will allow you to view the content without activating the sound.

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Facebook, an inclusive social network

The goal of subtitling Facebook Stories is to offer hearing impaired people the opportunity to enjoy and understand what their friends share through the platform’s Stories. Facebook seeks to be much more inclusive and that all its users get the same experience when browsing the social network.

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This information was shared by engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who explained that the subtitles will be incorporated automatically and even released an example of this through a video where Mark Zuckerberg speaks and the subtitles are transcribed at the same time.

“Facebook is working on an automatic captioning feature for Stories to improve accessibility,” mentions Paluzzi via Twitter.


Subtitles will also make life easier for content creators

Another of the great advantages of this new function is that content creators will no longer have to resort to external apps to subtitle their videos, since Facebook will provide them with the tool automatically. In the same way, your content will be able to reach many more people and be viewed even without the audio activated.

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For now, it is not known exactly when this new function will be activated on Facebook, but it will be completely accessible to everyone and you can enjoy it thanks to the unlimited social networks that your Unlimited Friend of Telcel and #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Facebook is working on new functions in addition to the one we present here; so don’t stop being aware of Hello Telcel to be aware of what is coming at all times. 😉

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