Facebook will add podcasts and other audio services


Like Clubhouse, Facebook formally launches its Live Audio Rooms, you can also share audio clips and listen to podcasts

To be able to compete against Club House, Facebook formally announced the arrival by Live Audio Rooms, will also arrive new functions where you can share audio clips and listen podcasts.

According to the company Mark Zuckerberg, the platform will offer several voice services as chats, both within the application and through Messenger.

Live Audio Rooms They are rooms in which the moderators will hold talks on specific topics and their followers will be able to access to hear what they have to say.


The company stressed that it will use AI so that creators can offer best content their audience, as they will have access to tools to improve the audio quality.

It is expected that Live Audio Rooms reach for all users in the summer. “We believe that audio is a perfect way for communities to get involved in topics that interest them.”

Through a statement, Facebook reported that it will first test its Live Audio Rooms in Groups, since they have 1,800 million active users per month. However, some public figures may also have this service.

“We have been investing in audio technologies, such as speech to text and speech transformation, for a long time and we will make them available in an audio creation tool directly within the Facebook application.”

The social network will allow content creators to monetize their audios. In the case of Live Audio Rooms, users will be able to donate money to public figures or the causes they defend.

In addition, influencers may also charge a fee or subscription to access certain voice rooms.

Facebook incorporates more audio functions

Apart from the announcement of Live Audio Rooms, Facebook will incorporate more functions based on the Audio. One of them is Soundbitesshort, audio clips that users can record and post to their feed.


The company highlighted that it is a tool designed so that users can share anecdotes, jokes, moments of inspiration or poems.

Coming soon Facebook It will also allow you to search and listen to podcasts directly from your application, both while it is open and when it is running in the background.

“The podcasts will be available from the profiles or fan pages of their creators, and the social network will offer recommendations according to the listening habits of users”

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