Facebook revealed more details of its first dual camera smartwatch!

In addition to being one of the leading companies in communication and social networks, Facebook He also wants to dabble in technology and has set out to launch his own gadgets and innovative products. The first of is a smartwatch that will work like any other smartwatch, but with extra accessories and functions never seen before in other models.

Facebook's first smartwatch with double camera and more functions- Blog Hola Telcel

Facebook plans to launch a smartwatch with two cameras

Information shared by The Verge makes known that Facebook he already works on his first smart watch, which could be released in summer 2022, available to all audiences.

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The most interesting thing is that this device will have two cameras, which will fulfill different functions and complement each other perfectly with the intelligence of the new watch.

The first camera will be dedicated to video calls, so that users can be in contact with friends and family without the need for a smartphone. While the second will be detachable, to capture photos or videos independently of the smartwatch.

Jimmy Fallon taking a selfie with the double camera of the Facebook smartwatch- Blog Hola Telcel

A smartwatch independent and compatible

Facebook also works on accessories compatible with your primer smartwatch, such as backpacks and a headset augmented reality. Accessories that can be linked together and work together or separately.

The goal of the great social network is to create its own technological ecosystem, not to mention that the Smart watch would be the first to work without the need to be connected to a smartphone. Its operation is probably linked to Facebook as a social network, which you can enjoy unlimitedly thanks to your Telce’s Unlimited Friendl and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

Facebook ventures into the world of technology with the company's first smartwatch- Blog Hola Telcel

Regarding the design, it was revealed that the new device will be available in white, black and gold colors. Its cost will be approximately $ 400 dollars, which is equivalent to a little less than eight thousand Mexican pesos.

Smartwatch, Facebook works on its first independent smart watch- Blog Hola Telcel

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There are still many more details to discover, meanwhile tell us what do you think of the first smartwatch From Facebook? Would you dare to acquire it?

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