Facebook Messenger will notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your chat

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Now people will be able to know when a person takes a screenshot of your chat, and that is that Messenger will notify users

FacebookMessenger announced that it will now alert users when someone takes a screenshot of your chat. The company pointed out that with this function it intends to avoid acts of violence.

The new feature is intended to prevent certain abuses when send a message. Although it will only be available under certain conditions.


FacebookMessenger already announced to its users when taking a screenshot within the ephemeral mode, but it has been extended and is now also available when sending a temporary message within a secret conversation.

“Last year we updated the setting for disappearing messages in our end-to-end encrypted chats. And now we introduce a new notification when we detect that someone takes a screenshot of a temporary message”

This alert will not prevent people from taking screenshotsbut a message will appear at the bottom of the chat stating that the conversation has been screenshotted.

How to turn on screenshot notifications on Facebook Messenger?

  • In order to enjoy this function you must open your FacebookMessenger and later access any of your conversations.
  • With your finger you must press the screen up until the “ephemeral” mode is activated.
  • In the case of iOS, when opening a conversation you must press on the upper part of it (where the other user’s name appears) and then locate and select “activate ephemeral mode”.
  • Once activated, notifications will appear. screenshot as well as end-to-end encryption, which can also be used within secret conversations.


These updates are already available on some users’ devices and are expected to roll out to everyone soon.

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