Facebook Messenger: How to avoid calls and messages from someone specific?

After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger It is the second most used instant messaging app in the world. The ease of easily connecting with friends added on Facebook is what has made it so popular, as well as its different tools, themes, stickers and avatars. However, since it is so widely used, it is also important to protect its privacy and security.

For that reason, here we share a security method that allows you avoid messages and calls from a contact without having to block or delete it of friends’. It is a very useful tool to avoid receiving intrusive messages, looking to sell or spam. In addition, with this trick you will not only ignore unwanted messages, but you will also prevent them from being saved in your inbox.

How to block messages and calls from a contact on Facebook Messenger? - Hola Telcel Blog

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Best of all, this hidden feature from Facebook Messenger it does not need external apps, since it is native to the application. All you have to do is pay attention to the next step by step.

How to block messages and calls from a contact on Facebook Messenger?

1. Login to Facebook Messenger from your phone.
2. Open the conversation of the contact you want to block their messages and calls.
3. Click on the person’s name.
4. Go to the option that says ‘To block’.

5. Click ‘To block’ and then select the option that says ‘Block messages and calls’.

How to block a specific person on Facebook Messenger, both calls and messages - Hola Telcel blog

It’s that simple to avoid receiving unwanted messages or calls from Facebook Messenger, to continue enjoying one of your favorite social networks without limit thanks to your Telcel Unlimited Friend Refills and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

In this way, your account will be even more protected and you will be able to continue seeing the publications, photos, videos, stories, comments and reactions of the contact that you have blocked. Of course, if you prefer to delete or block it permanently, remember that there is also this option.

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Did you know about this useful Facebook Messenger tool? Have you already used it with someone? 🤭

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