Facebook launches more options for you to profit from your content

If you love spending time on Facebook and sharing your digital content on this platform, you should definitely know the new Facebook options in Mexico so that you can make a profit.

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How to be a content creator?

A content creator does not refer specifically to a company or media outlet; You can also become one individually, either as an influencer or a gamer. In this way you can make your hobby of making videos or playing online, a way to have benefits.

Facebook launches options for you to obtain profit for publications

According to facebook blog, from 2019 to 2020 the number of content creators who earn approximately $ 10,000 per month, that is, more than 200,000 pesos, grew by 88%. That is, more and more people are making profits on the platform.

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New possibilities to monetize on Facebook

Short Video Income

Before, only videos of more than three minutes could collect income, but now everything will be easier, since with clips of only one minute with inserted advertising you can monetize. The best thing is that it has been announced that the option to monetize the stories through ads that look like stickers will be tested.

More chances for your videos to be selected

Facebook has revealed that the eligibility criteria will now be broader. You can apply to these monetization systems if your fanpage has at least 600 thousand minutes viewed in the last 60 days.

More stars

Surely you already know the stars of Facebook. which give income thanks to the loyalty of viewers. This tool has become so popular that Facebook reports that people have submitted an average of 1 billion stars a month, or 10 million dollars, in the last semester.

facebook stars

Facebook will help you to make visible the people who are sending you stars, since it will highlight their comments in the Live. In addition, it is explored that this benefit can be used not only in transmissions.

Subscriptions and paid events

If yours are video games, you will love this news, since in addition to paid online events, you will soon be able to benefit from Facebook Gaming.

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