Facebook introduces a bracelet that can read minds

Facebook bracelet that can read minds

The latest proposal from Facebook is a bracelet capable of reading minds to improve interaction with virtual objects in augmented reality

There are more and more advances in the field of augmented reality. There are many companies that have developed different devices that allow people to move in a virtual world.

Such is the case of Facebook that is developing a mind-reading bracelet. The prototype is capable of translating the signals from the user’s brain so that objects can be controlled just by thinking about it.

What is the new Facebook device about?

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook CTO, explained that the augmented reality It is the next great evolution in technology. So they are already preparing for this new ecosystem with a mind-reading bracelet.

mind-reading bracelet

The device can identify nerve signals to interpret your hand gestures and improve movement within virtual environments.

This is a new project from the Reality Labs Research division. According to the first reports the bracelet that I could read minds It would be used as an accessory to your future sunglasses. augmented reality.

The device detects the signals thanks to EMG technology. Which is widely used in the medical sector to make diagnoses related to the nervous system.

The mind-reading bracelet of Facebook uses this technology to be able to capture the electrical activity of the nervous system. And translate it into digital commands and be able to have a better experience in the augmented reality.

“The brain sends signals to the hands and fingers telling them to move in specific ways to perform actions like typing and swiping. It is about decoding those signals on the wrist, the actions that you have already decided to perform, and translating them into digital commands for your device “

In accordance with Facebook just by thinking of moving your finger, the device would allow you to move through interfaces of augmented reality.

What are the benefits of the mind-reading bracelet?

Reality Labs Research highlighted that with the mind-reading bracelet It is possible to squeeze with your fingers in real life to hold and control objects in a world of augmented reality.


According to the company, it was decided to make this device on the wrist because the brain dedicates a large part of the neurons to control its movement. In addition, its location allows a wide range of sensors to be placed that can detect nerve signals.

It should be noted that the mind-reading bracelet of Facebook it is still a project. So it is unknown when it could go on the market.

In addition, Reality Labs Research pointed out that the project is in an early stage. And there is still a lack of development to strengthen technology before it can be sold to the public.


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