Facebook Hotline: What is it and why is it being considered the new Clubhouse competition?

During these months at home some social networks have gained much more popularity, one of them is Club House, where users can create and participate in discussions through virtual audio rooms. The platform has been so successful that other companies want their own version, for example Facebook, who has presented Hotline.

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What is Facebook Hotline?

Hotline will be an external app to Facebook, belonging to the same company, where, like Club House, users will be able to create their account and join different audio-only virtual rooms where topics are discussed and questions can be asked.

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It is said that this new platform could launch very soon and be the strongest competition of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, which serve the same function of being able to interact with many more people around the world.

However, Hotline continues in experimental mode, in a beta version only available in the United States. An app developed by NPE (New Product Experiment), a special area of Facebook dedicated to creating new applications.

What will be the differences between Facebook Hotline and Clubhouse?

The idea of Facebook It is not only to replicate the operation of the Clubhouse, but also to add new functions that make Hotline a unique app. Among those extra features is the ability to add video, so that participants can turn on their camera and interact in a more personal way with others.

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On the other hand, you can add a profile photo that will be displayed in small circles to give a face to people who only interact through audio. Additionally, users will be able to choose to just listen to conversations or be active participants, while hosts will have the opportunity to remove questions and participants as a security method.

Finally, Hotline It will also allow the discussions to be recorded automatically so that they can be downloaded and shared on different social networks as a podcast.

Club House
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It should be noted that not all projects carried out in Facebook’s NPE manage to be completed and released to the public. However, thanks to the popularity of the Clubhouse, the Hotline could launch very soon and connect many more people. An app that you can enjoy thanks to Double Gigas and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan.

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Hotline will be an ideal space to share your knowledge, express ideas or learn from others. So tell us, would you like it to come true very soon? 🤔

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