Facebook follows Twitter, it will ask to read a news before sharing it

On Facebook you can post your photos, moods and incredible moments with your friends, but you can also share the news that you want your contacts to know. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network wants to help you make the information you find on your feed is secure, therefore a function similar to that of Twitter is integrated to avoid fake news. Facebook will make sure you read a story before sharing it on your wall.

facebook will ask you to read the notes before sharing them

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Facebook wants to reduce fake news

Facebook has announced, through its Twitter account, its new function. Every time you want to share a news item that you have not opened or read, the social network will show you a pop-up window in which it will ask you if you are sure you want to publish it.


You will also have the option to share the note without reading it, but the goal is to reduce false news and misinformation; therefore the request that you make sure you are posting something true on your wall.

This function is very similar to the one that Twitter launched in 2020 to prevent you from retweeting news without reading it first. WhatsApp has also developed a similar option.

On Facebook, this feature will first have a trial period with a small percentage of Android users. It is expected that it will soon be included in the next updates of the app.

Do you think this measure reduces fake news?

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