Facebook: Choose your 30 best friends and see their content first

Facebook is launching new functions that will allow you to have greater control of what you see on your feed. We recently explained to you excuse me limit comments on your posts; This time we will show you how to select your thirty best friends on Facebook, so that they are the first content you see when you enter.

The Facebook platform seeks with these updates that you can control and personalize your news section according to your interests, so that your tastes and personality are reflected in it.

best friends function on facebook

Find out how they work and how to activate them now. Enjoy all the news from Facebook taking advantage of the fact that your favorite social networks are unlimited in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

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How to select your best friends on Facebook?

A new Facebook feature lets you create a group of “Favorites” in which you can include up to thirty friends and pages, so that their publications appear first in your news section. In this same tool you can filter their publications to see them separately.

new facebook best friends feature

It is very easy to select your best friends on Facebook, you just have to go to the filter bar, a menu that appears at the top of the news section. There you can quickly access the latest content. That is, when you enter, you will now see the news classified in chronological order and not according to the algorithm as it looked a few days ago.

In addition to viewing the content of your favorite people, Facebook also offers you the possibility of “pausing”, that is, temporarily hiding the publications of a contact, page or group. In addition to disabling political ads.

Added to all this is the new section “Why am I seeing this?”, where you can get more information about the news suggested by Facebook; Just by clicking on the posts, you will see the reasons why they appeared to you, either by number of related interactions, similar topics or location.

In order to start enjoying these functions, remember to keep your app updated ios or Android with the latest version of Facebook.

Which friends are you going to choose first with this new feature?

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