Facebook can reproduce your letter based on a word thanks to its AI

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TextStyleBrush is an algorithm that can reproduce your letter from a word and can write any type of text

Facebook continues to improve its service and this time it presented a new mechanism that can reproduce your lyrics based on a word.

TextStyleBrush is an algorithm with artificial intelligence that he is able to copy the style of writing with one word. In this way you can imitate the calligraphy of either the text, a photograph or an image.


“AI-generated imagery has advanced at breakneck speed. They are able to synthetically reconstruct historical scenes or change a photo to resemble Van Gogh or Renoir. Now, we have created a system that can replace text. Both in scenes and in handwriting, using just an example of a single word as input “

It is enough to have a simple image or a single written word for the tool to recreate the entire alphabet of your font or personal typeface.

TextStyleBrush, the Facebook tool that imitates your own handwriting

In accordance with Facebook It is the first self-monitoring AI algorithm capable of replacing text from both real-world images and handwriting. In order to play it only takes one word.

The social network explained that TextStyleBrush detaches the text from all appearance aspects. The platform highlighted that both text and real-world scenes can be used in its mechanism.

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“This means understanding unlimited text styles not just for different fonts and calligraphy. But also for different transformations, such as rotations, curved text and deformations that occur between the paper and the pencil when writing by hand; background disorder; and image noise “

Facebook highlighted that his algorithm for reproduce the lyrics of people will be important for research on altered text using deepfak or deep manipulation techniques.

Another of its possible applications is in the translator systems, since it is not only possible to have the text with the mobile camera. But in addition, the style of the text can be preserved.

“We hope that by openly publishing our work and methods for synthetically generated text styles. The broader field of artificial intelligence can take advantage of this work and make cumulative progress forward. “

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