Exeternal SSD WD Elements 4 TB on sale with more than € 60 savings

If you are looking for a large capacity external SSD, you may be waiting to find an offer, so you do not have to pay so much for a unit of this type. Well, in that case you are in luck, since now it is possible to buy an external Western Digital SSD with a large capacity at a very good price.

Discount for 4TB WD Elements SSD

We refer to 4TB WD Elements SSD capacity, an external storage unit with high capacity and USB 3.0 interface whose official price is 155.99 euros and that now we can get it with an incredible discount.

WD Elements 4 TB External SSD

Specifically, the offer is found on Amazon, where the online shopping giant has applied a 40% discount. This represents a saving of more than 62 euros, so its official sale price is 93.50 euros. At this price, one of the high-capacity and quality external or portable SSDs at a very good price. The delivery time is approximately one week and we can receive it completely free of charge if we are Amazon Prime customers.

Great speed and compatibility

The truth is that Western Digital portable hard drives offer reliable storage with blazing-fast data transfer, read and write speeds and universal connectivity. Specifically, this 4 TB WD Elements has USB 3.0, although it is also compatible with USB 2.0 and offers a speed of 500 MB / s.

Although this Western Digital SSD has been designed for computers with Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 due to its format NTFS, it also allows to be formatted with other file systems to be compatible with other operating systems such as Mac, for example.

WD Elements 4 TB External SSD

A disk with which we can free up space on our computer and thus improve its performance, store all kinds of photos, videos, music and other files that we want to take up space on our computer or that we want to carry from one place to another.

A disk, this 4 TB WD Elements that has a compact design of small size and quite light, which allows us to take it comfortably anywhere. The exact measurements are 11.18 x 8.13 x 2.1 cm and has a weight of 235.87 grams, so we can carry it comfortably in any pocket. A disc with the manufacturer’s own quality both inside and out.

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