EVERYTHING we know about the new version of ‘Rebelde’

It’s official! The doors of the Elite Way School open again. Rebelde comes to Netflix for the second time with a new generation. We tell you everything we know about the series that marked an entire generation and that comes again to mark the next.

Meet the cast of the new generation of RBD - Blog Hola Telcel

What do we expect from the new version of Rebel?

A new school year is about to begin in the Elite way School, with new characters and stories. Rebel, the hit series from 2000 that had us all singing at the top of our lungs: “Save me from oblivion, save me from loneliness”, is back with a new version that will premiere on Netflix.

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Not many details have been given about the series, but director Santiago Limón confessed that the remake will be very attached to the original version of 2002, but full of details and themes typical of Generation Z. Could it be that everyone has TikTok?

First look at the new generation RBD

The first clip of what the characters will look like and the reveal of their Release date: January 5, 2022.

The video begins with what appears to be the next Mia Colucci in one of the school hallways singing the iconic song ‘Rebelde’; a few seconds later, it integrates with the entire cast. Nostalgia accompanied by red coats and ties take the stage.

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Who will be part of the cast of the new series of Rebel?

Guaita Blue

This CDMX-born actress is the one who will be the head of the cast: she will take the role that Anahí once played. Azul Guaita will represent the modern version of Mia Colucci with the character of Jana cohen.

Azul Guaita will play the role of Mia Colucci in the new Rebelde version - HolaTelcel Blog

Sergio Mayer Mori

Sure you have seen him before, son of Bárbara Mori and Sergio Meyer, the 23-year-old influencer still does not have a defined role in the series that marked an era, but he is expected to be his springboard to the world of acting with his character.

Sergio Mayer Mori will appear in the new version of Rebelde for Netflix - HolaTelcel Blog

Andrea Chaparro

This actress, daughter of Mexican actor Omar Chaparro, known for her appearance on a talent show in her childhood, will play the role of MJ; is expected to be the remake of the character of Dulce María, but nothing is official.

Andrea Chaparro will play the role of Roberta Pardo in Netflix's Rebel - Blog HolaTelcel

Jerónimo Cantillo

This Colombian actor has a musical career and several leading roles to his credit. Jerónimo will play Dixon at remake of the new series.

Franco Masini

Known for his participation in the Argentine film, ‘El Clan’, Franco will give life to Luka colucci, a surname that brings us feelings of nostalgia and gives us a nod to the character of Mia. Could he be the son of Mia and Miguel?

Franco Masini will be Luka Colucci - HolaTelcel Blog

Lizeth Selene, Alejandro Puente and Giovanna Giorgio:

Lizeth Selene, an actress born in Acapulco, will be Andi in the series; Alejandro, known for the ‘The Club’ series, will take the role of Sebastian Langarica-Funtanet and finally, Giovanna Giorgio will give life to Emilia.

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What do you think? We know that it will be difficult to beat the iconic figures of Mia Colucci, Miguel Arango, Diego Bustamante and Roberta Pardo; but we have no choice but to wait and see what Netflix has prepared with this remake.

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