Europe wants to ban biometric surveillance for rights violations

The European authorities analyze banning the use of biometric surveillance as they assure that it is a danger to everyone

The biometric data they are the unique characteristics of each person, for example fingerprints or iris. These are items that are not shared with anyone.

Because they are a great component for the identification of a person, are increasingly used for different procedures. However, they could also be used for other purposes such as biometric surveillance.

Mass surveillance

With its popularity, various specialists have spoken about the risks of using this data. That is why Europe analyzes ban the use of artificial intelligence for the mass surveillance.

According to the deputies of the European Parliament, automated recognition in public places puts at risk human rights.

A draft of a public letter was leaked that would be signed by 40 deputies of the European Parliament. Where the European Commission is urged to reinforce a legislative proposal to ban the biometric surveillance.

The EU will ban the use of AI for mass surveillance

As explained the use of this type of technology violates the human rights. Besides that it is a discriminatory practice since the sensitive characteristics of people such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability are observed.

“This can lead to damages, including the violation of rights to privacy and data protection; suppress freedom of expression; make it more difficult to expose corruption; and have a chilling effect on autonomy, dignity and self-expression, in particular can harm LGBTQI + communities, people of color and other discriminated groups ”

biometric data

In this way the European authorities they ask ban the biometric surveillance with the aim of safeguarding the rights of citizens, especially those of marginalized communities.

“Public safety is precisely what mass surveillance is justified with, it is where the courts have systematically annulled the legislation on the indiscriminate mass processing of personal data”

In this sense, it was highlighted that with the biometric surveillance It seeks to identify citizens, analyze their behavior and sensitive characteristics without their consent in public spaces and this violates their rights.

It also seeks to ban algorithms that judge the reliability of people based on their social behavior or personality traits.

“Biometric mass surveillance in public access spaces is being widely criticized for wrongly targeting large numbers of innocent citizens, systematically discriminating against underrepresented groups, and having a chilling effect on a free and diverse society. That is why a ban is necessary “

It is expected that next week the authorities will have a response to their intention to prohibit the biometric surveillance.

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