Epic Games Store adds more PC apps like itch.io, Brave and KenShape

New apps on the Epic Games Store – EPIC GAMES

MADRID, April 26 (2021)

Epic Games has added PC apps itch.io, Brave, KenShape, Krita Y iHeartRadio to the initiator of the Epic Games Store, and has announced the arrival of the social network Party in the House and the messaging and video app Discord in the future.

New additions for computers can be found on the page Epic game apps, where the company itself has announced that they will more applications “throughout the year”, as stated in the statement.

The new series of applications coming to the Store includes itch.io, Brave, KenShape, Krita Y iHeartRadio, even if the latter will only be available in the United States, as rated by the company.

itch.io is available in a free and it’s a “free access DRM-free standalone game-centric store,” per Epic’s description in the ad. Brave, “a free and open source browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. and based on the Chromium browser” it’s also free.

The KenShape application “generates 3D models based on 2D pixelated images,” according to Epic Games, and is available in your store for a price of 3.19 euros. Instead, the “digital painting app” Krita is offered by 7.99 euros.

These services, together with the free application of “digital music, podcast and radio in streaming” IHeart Radio, get in Spotify, which at the end of 2020 became the Epic Games’ first app added to its online store.

Likewise, the company has reported that will add Houseparty, the “face-to-face social network” of which it has owned since 2019; and the messaging and video calling service Discord to Epic Games Store applications “in the future·.

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