Enjoy Filmmaker Mode with these 4K and 8K Smart TVs

We are talking about televisions that have this technology, either natively or through software update, so you can enjoy the best image quality. Of course, not all televisions have this function, so we have prepared a compilation where you will find the best Smart TVs with Filmmaker Mode.

Filmmaker mode

What is Filmmaker Mode

Surely if you are a lover of the seventh art you will know that when you watch a movie on your television, the difference in quality compared to that of a movie theater screen is remarkable. And no, size has nothing to do with it. Our Smart TV is to blame, since it incorporates a series of Image smoothing technologies that get good results in some cases, but when watching a movie offer a quality that differs greatly from what the director wanted us to see.

The idea of ​​the Filmmaker Mode is fix this so that we can watch a movie exactly the same as if we were in a movie theater. In this way, this new technology that aims to reach the majority of Smart TVs that are presented in 2021, will allow us to watch series and movies just as if we were in a movie theater, eliminating the well-known telenovela effect due to over-processing of the image. and that it has nothing to do with the idea of ​​the director of the film or series.

Notably, Filmmaker Mode is supported by heavyweights from the film industry such as Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Ryan Coogler, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ryan Coogler, Patty Jenkins, Martin Scorsese, JJ Abrams, Ava DuVernay, Judd Apatow, Ang Lee, Reed Morano, and the Duffer Brothers, so it’s a very serious project.

More than anything because these film directors have been complaining for years to see how their films hit a notable drop in quality when viewed on a Smart TV. And taking into account that the vast majority of users do not have sufficient knowledge to be able to calibrate their television and achieve the most ideal results, the solution was to create a system that would allow eliminating this image processing from televisions in the simplest way.

How to activate this Filmmaker Mode

The idea is to keep the original frame rate per second, in addition to the colors, the aspect ratio … AND noise reduction and sharpness systems will be eliminated, in addition to digital processing to soften the image. The result? We can watch movies and series in the best quality. And, best of all, this mode will be activated in the simplest way.

The idea is that the end user does not have major complications to activate Filmmaker ModeTherefore, the models presented in 2020 and that incorporate this technology natively have a dedicated button on the remote control that will enable this tool to be activated. And what about users who have received this new feature through software update? In this case, they will only have to activate the corresponding option, which has been enabled so that it appears in the menu.

Now that the advantages that Filmmaker Mode offers for cinema lovers have become clear, we are going to show you a series of Smart TVs that offer this technology so that you can enjoy movies and series like never before.


Promotional image of the Smart TV LG OLED CX 65

We start this compilation with the best LG OLED Smart TV. The LG OLED CX is a model that exudes quality through each of its pores, offering quality beyond any doubt. Without a doubt, one of the best purchases you can make to enjoy the new Filmmaker Mode.

Samsung QLED 8K Q950T

Samsung QLED 8K Q950T

Second, we want to recommend you to the great pearl of Samsung in the smart TV market. And, as its name suggests, the Samsung QLED 8K Q950T is a model that offers 8K resolution, in addition to support for the main HDR standards.



In third place we have the best Panasonic OLED Smart TV. A model that arrives with Filmmaker Mode and that boasts a screen calibrated by Hollywood experts so you can enjoy a visual landscape that will make you fall in love.

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q80T

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q80T

We already anticipate that Samsung is one of the great precursors of Filmmaker Mode, so you will find several devices from the Seoul-based firm within this compilation. And this Q80T is one of the most vitaminized televisions of the manufacturer, so you will not regret your purchase.


LG Smart TV

The truth is that LG OLED C9 It was the best model of the manufacturer in 2019. And, although this year it has lost some of its steam to the impressive LG OLED CX, it is still a very solvent model. The best? That it has received an update so you can enjoy Filmmaker mode.

Philips 55Oled934 / 12

Philips 65 OLED +934/12

In a compilation of this type you can not miss the best Philips Smart TV. The Dutch manufacturer is a benchmark when it comes to buying an OLED model, and its 934/12 is a clear example of this. Highlight its incredible acoustic section thanks to the sound bar that integrates in the lower part.

Philips 65OLED855 / 12

Philips 65OLED855 / 12

Another excellent option to consider is the Philips 65OLED855 / 12. In this case we do not have a sound bar integrated into its structure, but we do have a visual landscape of scandal to be compatible with Dolby Atmos and HDR10 +.

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q70T

Smart TV Samsung Q70T front

And what to say about this Samsung QLED 4K 2020 55Q70T, one of the most complete models of the Korean manufacturer and that is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. A model presented in 2020 and that will not disappoint you at all.



The last OLED model that we want to recommend you is the LG OLED E9. A television that boasts the latest technologies, including support for Filmmaker Mode and that will allow you to enjoy a visual landscape of height.

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K 2020 43LS03T

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K 2020 43LS03T

We close this compilation with the Samsung The Frame QLED 4K 2020 43LS03T. A model that has been designed to turn it into a painting when you are not using it. And, as you can see in the image that heads these lines, the result is surprising.

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