Energy Sistem Bluetooth speaker with Alexa on sale for only 74 euros

The model we are talking about is the Energy Sistem Smart Speaker 5 Home, a device that is designed so much to offer reproductions of quite a lot good quality and, in addition, allow the control of devices that are compatible with Alexa (such as televisions, light bulbs and even plugs). Aesthetically, this is a very attractive accessory that has a white finish combined with gray fabric and that on the top has a LED that allows to know the status of the speaker at all times. The dimensions and weight of this product are quite adequate, since they are 11.2 x 2.11 x 11.2 centimeters and 800 grams, respectively.

Appearance of the speaker Energy Sistem Smart Speaker 5 Home

In the sound section, device should be highlighted two speakers, so we speak of stereo quality and that reaches a power of 16 W. Some additional details that are important to know in this section is that the frequency that this Energy Sistem Bluetooth speaker is capable of using ranges from 40 to 18,000 Hz, so it works with quite adequate ranges. In addition, it is important to indicate that this accessory has a passive radiator front membrane that ensures good definition with all types of content. The fact is that you can enjoy music with quite good quality and with a more than correct volume.

Options of this Energy Sistem Bluetooth speaker

One of those that should be known is that it includes two omni-directional microphones that include far-field and near-field technology and allow excellent speech recognition at distances of up to ten meters. It should be noted that it is possible to disable these components in case you do not want to hear anything you are talking about, which is always a good thing for privacy reasons. The corresponding button is integrated in the upper area of ​​the device we are talking about and accompanies other options that allow everything from managing the reproductions to modifying the volume.

Buttons of the Bluetooth speaker Energy Sistem Smart Speaker 5 Home

Offer for the Energy Sistem Smart Speaker 5 Home

Right now in the Amazon store you can get this product with a saving of 25% compared to the price that it usually has in that online store. This means that you only have to pay 74.47 euros to have it at home and in the case of having a Prime account you do not have to add absolutely anything for the delivery home. Without a doubt, an excellent opportunity to get a smart speaker compatible with Alexa and that offers such interesting options as the use of AirPlay, DLNA and Spotify Connect. This is the link you should use:

A final detail that we should not miss is that which has to do with connectivity. To make everything very simple and effective, this is a model that includes both Bluetooth, which makes it possible to send content from computers and even telephones, and it also has Wifi in order to get the most out of Amazon’s voice assistant.

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