Elon Musk’s partner says a Jurassic Park could be built

Real jurassic park

Max Hodak, director of Neuralink, revealed that he already has the necessary technology to create Jurassic Park in real life

One of the biggest franchises in the film world is Jurassic park. Although it is a science fiction film, it seems that one could already be made in real life.

Partner of Elon musk revealed that it has the necessary technology to create Jurassic Park, like the one shown in the popular dinosaur franchise.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur

Via Twitter, the director and co-founder of Neuralink, Max hodak, stressed that if a person wanted, they could develop Jurassic park. Since it has the advance for its creation.

“We could probably build a Jurassic park if we wanted to”

However the partner of Elon musk detailed that the dinosaurs would not be genetically authentic but with about 15 years of reproduction and engineering, new exotic species could be created.

“They would not be genetically authentic dinosaurs, but perhaps with fifteen years of reproduction and engineering we would obtain new super exotic species”

In your message Max hodak recognized that the “biodiversity of the planet is extremely valuable. But he questioned his followers because they would have to stop there if a new diversity can be intentionally generated, in this case introducing the dinosaurs again ”.

Is there a risk of creating a Jurassic Park?

The specialized Futurism portal highlighted that although the idea of ​​creating a Jurassic park sounds very attractive. There are risks beyond those presented in the movies.

Jurassic park

And it is that creating or resuscitating a species and introducing it to the ecosystem would be a big problem. Since it is not suitable for the new conditions and it could generate an imbalance in the delicate balance of the Earth’s biodiversity.

“Not everything is fun and games when you play god and create new dinosaurs (…). In other words, it’s a good idea, but it runs the risk of being extremely counterproductive, like in the movies. “


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