Elizabeth Gillies will be Catwoman in a new DC movie!

Although DC has successful superhero films, the truth is that its collection of animated films are the best, since the magic of animation has made the villains and heroes of the franchise look much more. For that reason, a new movie is on the way, which will star Catwoman and interpreted by Elizabeth Gillies.

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Elizabeth Gillies to Play Catwoman in New Animated Movie

Catwoman: Haunted is the official title of this new comic book adaptation, in which Elizabeth Gillies will give voice to Catwoman, the antiheroine who on more than one occasion has forgotten her villainy to protect Gotham City.

This new production will be in charge of Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. In the cast, in addition to Elizabeth Gillies as Catwoman, will be joined by Stephanie Beatriz as Batwoman, Jonathan Banks as Black Mask, Steve Blum as Solomon Grundy, Lauren Cohan as Julia Pennywirth, Keith David as Tobias Whale and Zehra Fazal as Talia al Ghul and Nosferata. .

Several of Batman’s villains will be united for the first time in the same story, which will be directed by Shinsuke Terasawa and has a premiere scheduled for early 2022.

“Catwoman: Haunted, which is produced in an anime style, begins with Catwoman as she tries to steal a priceless gem. The heist puts her directly in the crosshairs of a powerful villain consortium and Interpol, as well as Batwoman. “, mentioned The Hollywood Reporter regarding the plot of the film.

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Elizabeth Gillies, from Jade to Catwoman

Better known as Jade in Victorious, Elizabeth Gillies He played one of the most beloved characters in the classic Nickelodeon series, which gave him worldwide recognition and the opportunity to participate in different other series. However, none as important as the voice of Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

Elizabeth Gillies as Jade in Victorious will be the new Catwoman - Blog Hola Telcel

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Would you like Elizabeth Gillies to play Catwoman in a movie too? live-action from DC? 😎

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