Electric, autonomous and two-way vehicle sponsored by Amazon


According to the Zoox company, it allows moving without the need for a driver, the car was designed for the transfer of passengers

In June Amazon announced the purchase of Zoox, now the fruits of the union are displayed. The companies presented their theft electric and autonomous taxi.

Is about Zoox, a car that was designed for the passenger transfer and that he does not need a driver, since his driving is automated. It measures 3.63 meters and has a capacity for four passengers who travel facing each other.


his design It is cubic and the interior resembles a meter with wide seats that allow greater comfort.

One of its characteristics is that it is bidirectional and it has four-wheel steering, which increases its possibilities of movement in cities.

The companies highlighted that it has “up to 100 of its own technologies, including a specific protection system for passengers that would allow it to offer the equivalent of five stars for a car.”

In terms of safety, to be able to drive automatically, it has “Lidar radars, cameras and sensors that allow it to control the entire perimeter of the vehicle, detecting pedestrians, vehicles or even cyclists.”


This technology would allow you to control the around 150 meters around. It uses a combination of sensors, maps and advanced software that allows it to have perception, prediction, planning and control capabilities over the route.

The companies have indicated that it has a capacity to roll up to 75 miles per hour (120 km / h). Amazon and Zoox highlighted that it offers an autonomy of up to 16 hours without interruption.

“Zoox will provide mobility services in densely populated urban settings. We will take care of the driving, loading, maintenance and updates of our fleet of vehicles. The user will simply pay for the service “

Amazon and Zoox they are already conducting the first tests of the vehicle in Foster City, San Francisco or Las Vegas.

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