Eclipses and meteor showers: this is the astronomical calendar for May

April ended and with it begins the fifth month of the year. Last month he left us in awe with a wonderful pink Supermoon and a Lyrid meteor shower, now we tell you what will be the astronomical phenomena of May 2021.

Take note, put the reminders of the events that interest you most in your calendar and do not miss any.

astronomical phenomena of May 2021

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Astronomical calendar for May 2021

Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn (May 3)

On May 3 we prepare for a wonderful conjunction between our natural satellite and the planet Saturn. It is about a meeting of these two galactic objects that can be observed from the perspective of our planet without the need for a telescope; although if you have one, why not use it?

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astronomical phenomena of May 2021

Meteor Shower of the Eta Aquarids (May 5 and 6)

On this occasion, the first shower of stars in May – or the meteor shower of the Eta Aquarids – will illuminate the sky for a long period of time; from April 19 to May 28, however, on May 5 and 6 the maximum peak of activity will be reached.

If you have a chance, go to a dark place to be able to observe a meteor; as scientists calculate the passage of up to 50 meteors per hour. Take into account that the luminosity of the Moon could affect its visibility.

astronomical calendar may 2021

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New Moon (May 11)

The New Moon – dark or black – is a phenomenon that occurs once a month. It occurs when the Moon is right between the Sun and our planet Earth at an angle of 180º.

This prevents us from having any visibility of the Moon, so that beyond appreciating it in an incredible way in the sky, we can have more clarity of the stars due to its absence.

astronomical calendar may 2021

Planetary conjunctions

Conjunction of Venus and Mercury (May 13)

In May, the natural trajectory of these planets will take place to meet each other. This path, also known as the ‘orbital period’, will correspond to Mercury passing at 2.1º from Venus.

Conjunction of Venus and the Moon (May 13)

In addition to Mercury, Venus will also be on the move this month. It will approach the north side of the Moon.

astronomical calendar may 2021

Conjunction of Mars and the Moon (May 16)

On this occasion, the red planet will pass near the southern part of the Moon, which will be in its waxing phase.

Total lunar eclipse (May 26)

By the end of the month, we will have a beautiful full moon; that is to say, it will be at its closest point to the Earth. This will be the second and last full moon of the month of May.

We will have a larger Moon in appearance as well as more luminous than usual. This event is also known as perigee.

astronomical calendar may 2021

Now that you know the astronomical calendar for the month of May, don’t forget to schedule the best events on your calendar and turn to the sky.

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