Echo Flex smart speaker with Alexa with an irresistible offer

This is a device that stands out for its simplicity, without losing complete functionality when accessing the Amazon voice assistant. With a quite striking appearance and that stands out for the inclusion of a Front LED in which you can see the status of the device, such as if it is disconnected from the Internet or if there is a message waiting to be heard from the aforementioned online store, one of the great virtues of this model is that it is simply with plugging it into the current it is perfectly placed on the wall. Ideal, therefore, for use in the kitchen.

Echo Flex speaker in the kitchen

It is important to mention that this product includes all the functions that people are expected when using their voice. So, for example, you can control other accessories that you have at home compatible with Alexa to ask the weather to the place you plan to go. It also does not lack access to the compatible application ios Y Android that allows a very simple configuration and use tools such as Drop in that allows you to send voice messages to other speakers in the Echo range (it also allows you to use the so-called Skills on a regular basis, small additional applications that will be available and that allow you to listen to news on the radio to access Spotify).

Great deal on the Echo Flex

At this time on Amazon you can take advantage of an offer that allows you to buy this smart speaker with a 33% discount. It is one of the biggest promotions that have been seen when it comes to getting this accessory from the aforementioned store, which allows you to only have to pay 19.99 euros. A very low price for a curious but efficient smart speaker. We left the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity and where you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account (the color in which this accessory is available is White, with no option to get a different one).

Options included in the product

One of the things that we consider to be important is that the speaker included has dimensions of 15 millimeters. Obviously, you should not expect spectacular sound quality, but it is more than enough to be able to enjoy music in the kitchen without having to place another additional accessory in it. Besides, it should also be noted that it does not lack connection Wifi to make full use of the options that Alexa offers and that includes a port USB type A that allows the placement of additional accessories (such as a small light) and, even, charge your phone with its usual cable.

Microphone off on the Echo Flex

Finally it is important to emphasize that it is possible turn off the mic integrated into the Echo Flex, so if at any given moment you do not want this device to hear what you are saying, just by pressing you will achieve it directly and easily. Without a doubt, this is a purchase option that you should consider to economically bring the assistant Alexa to any room.

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