EA releases accessibility patents for anyone who wants to create games


Electronic Arts surprised by releasing some of its most important accessibility patents for people to use and even edit

Electronic arts (EA) is one of the most important companies in the world of video game. However, the company put the competition aside and decided to release some of its patents from accessibility more important.

The company decided to share five of its accessibility patents so that other people or companies can use and even modify them without risk of being sued.

ea patent accessibility

EA stressed that he will make a Patent Commitment by which he will make public the technology that he has developed regarding the accessibility.

This is a giant step in the world of video game, as game creators will be able to access technology which has already been created and thus improve it to offer more options for people with disabilities.

In this way there will no longer be limitations so that anyone can access the different video games.

What are the patents released by the company?

EA he even released the information from his project known as “personalized sound technology”, which would modify or create music for people based on their listening preferences and their level of hearing.

This is an interesting patent that has yet to be developed. But it would present a breakthrough if it plays out properly.

One of the patents that was released is the “ping” system that is present in Apex Legends. This tool allows players to communicate with their teammates without having to type or speak within the game.


With the use of a button the gamer can share contextual information such as the location of enemies or an area to go to.

Another technology that is available is a system designed for users with color blindness or low vision. Which allows to automatically detect colors and then modify their brightness and contrast to make them more visible.

EA accessibility

It is present in titles such as the games of the Madden NFL and FIFA franchises. Most of the patents released are related to the adaptation of the game for people with vision problems.

EA not only shared the patent, but also published the source code so developers can modify it and create their own system.

The company’s decision opens the door for more companies to do the same and in this sense, there is greater accessibility for people with disabilities.

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