Dual Messenger, what is it and how to activate it on WhatsApp?

After months of being at home, WhatsApp it has become a main channel of communication for school or work. The instant messaging app has helped us to stay in touch with the world; so know secret tricks like the Dual Messenger, is even more important in these times.

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Dual Messenger WhatsApp

The possibility of having two accounts WhatsApp on one device at the same time is what it consists of Dual Messenger. Here we show you the step by step of how to activate it, to take advantage of the unlimited social networks that your Unlimited Friend of Telcel and continue browsing with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

What is Dual Messenger?

Even though users have been asking for a feature for years Dual Messenger on WhatsApp; this is not yet available in the app. But there are alternatives that allow you to have two accounts within the same phone, whether they are Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, among many more.

WhatsApp Dual Messenger what is Logan Big Time Rush

Best of all, it is not necessary to download the same application twice, just have one to enjoy the Dual Messenger and not saturate your memory.

How to activate Dual Messenger on my phone?

Parallel Space

This procedure is only compatible with devices Android; where you should download Parallel Space since Google play. Parallel Space is a completely secure application that allows you to manage two user accounts on the same smartphone. That is, you can simultaneously enjoy two WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram accounts, as well as video games.

Parallel Space Google Play double account
Photo: Google Play

Parallel Space creates a totally independent virtual space that allows apps to work inside it without having to download them twice. You just have to download it, install it and then select which applications you want to duplicate.

Parallel Space how to duplicate WhatsApp accounts
Photo: Google Play

Also, Parallel Space allows you to hide and customize applications and includes a custom theme store.

Twin Apps on Samsung and Huawei

On the other hand, if you don’t want to download apps, you can take advantage of the Twin Apps function that exists on Samsung or Huawei devices; where the goal is the same, duplicate apps to be able to use two accounts at the same time.

In Samsung’s case, the function is called Dual Messaging and to activate it what you have to do is:

1. Open the Phone Settings.
2. Enter advanced functions.
3. Look for the Dual Messaging option.
4. Choose WhatsApp between the applications and you’re done.

Samsung Dual Messaging multiple accounts

For Huawei The function is called Twin App and is compatible with WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook; where it is possible to duplicate them and to use them the steps are:

1. Open the Phone Settings.
2. Go to Applications.
3. Select the Twin App option.
4. Now click on WhatsApp.
5. A copy of the application will be created ready to be used.

How to activate the Twin App on Huawei
Photo: Huawei

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Whatever your favorite option, we assure you that they will work perfectly and you can enjoy WhatsApp even more by adding twice as many accounts as you need. Do you already know which alternative you are going to try? 😉

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