Dragon Ball: Giant statue of Yamcha’s epic defeat created

Dragon ball It will never cease to amaze us, and it is that now a surprising giant sculpture of the epic defeat of Yamcha, one of the most beloved characters of the Z warriors. Despite being one of the weakest in the saga, he is one of the most beloved and popular, since he gained popularity thanks to the hundreds of memes that have appeared on social networks.

Yamcha has a giant sculpture in Shanghai China - Blog Hola Telcel

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The origin of the Yamcha meme

Without a doubt one of the most stressful moments that we had to see on television during our childhood was when the Z warriors faced the then new and unknown Vegeta Y Nappa, It was not only the fact of having to face two rivals who were clearly superior in power to our heroes, but for that moment Goku had been defeated, sacrificing himself by immobilizing Raditz for what Piccolo was able to use the strongest technique he had at that time, the ‘Makankosappo’, thus ending the fight and with both characters.

After being brought back to life with the Dragon Balls, Goku must travel a great distance to cope with Vegeta Y Nappa along with the other Z warriors, this is when the famous meme of Yamcha downcast, because during the fight Nappa throws some seeds with which he invokes the ‘Saibaman’ hybrid beings between aliens and plants.

Yamcha, very sure of his combat skills, he decides to face one of these beings, only to realize instantly that the Saibaman they are stronger than him. upon receiving an explosive hug from his enemy that ends up Yamcha, thus generating that epic image of his defeat that would go viral with the arrival of social networks in our lives.

Yamcha is defeated by a Saibaman with an explosive hug- Blog Hola Telcel

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The sculpture of Yamcha dejected

In Shanghai, China, homage has been paid to this embarrassing moment of Yamcha, by placing a giant sculpture that captures the moment after the explosive embrace of the Saibaman, according FigureNews.

Yamcha, a character from Dragon Ball, has a giant statue in Shanghai China - Blog Hola Telcel

There are many mysteries about the origin of the piece and the wish that it has not yet been removed so that we can visit our beloved Yamcha someday.

In the meantime, tell us, do you remember this epic scene that has inspired so many memes?

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