Download the stickers of the series ‘The squid game’ on WhatsApp

Directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the series The Squid Game is giving a lot to talk about, as well as its stickers that today we show you how to download.

How to download the stickers of the squid game series - Blog Hola Telcel

If you are not aware, Netflix premiered on September 17 a South Korean series that has become the favorite of many and the main topic of recent days on social networks.

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What is it about The Squid Game?

The Squid Game tells the story of a group of people with serious financial problems who are looking for a way out of poverty and all they have to do to get there is to play a mysterious children’s game.

The plot of the series falls on the rules of the game, where the winner can take up to 45.6 billion won but, if they fail, they will lose their lives.

Download the stickers of the series The Squid Game - Blog Hola Telcel

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Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk confessed that the series is inspired by the Japanese comics he read early in his career, a time when he was in financial trouble. So far, it is his biggest project as a director. A script that he began writing in 2008 and ended in 2009, but had to wait a decade for Netflix to buy it and give his peculiar story a chance.

How to download the stickers of the Netflix series The Squid Game on WhatsApp - Blog Hola Telcel

How to download stickers of the new Netflix series on WhatsApp?

Get the stickers from The Squid Game It is very simple, you only have to follow a couple of steps and you will be able to give a fun touch to your conversations with all your friends and family.

  1. Install Sticker Maker on your device. An app that you can download from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Once downloaded, go to the following link:
  3. Click on ‘Add to WhatsApp’ and then select the option ‘Add to my library / Add to WhatsApp’.
  4. Enter WhatsApp and you will see in the section stickers your new collection of The squid game.

Ready! It’s that simple you can increase your collection of stickers and join the rage of The squid game, Netflix’s latest hit!

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