Don’t you know where to recycle that mobile that you no longer use? Google makes it easy with new business information

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MADRID, April 23 (2021) –

Google has expanded Maps options to offer additional information on recycling, so that people can not only know where they can have certain products or materials, but also locate establishments with sustainable models and practices.

The new recycling information can be found both in Maps and in Google Search, in the job profile. If their accounts are verified, merchants can provide information on the materials or items they accept for recycling.

This novelty is already available, as reported by Google on its official blog. In addition, the company notes that members of the Local Guides program can create your lists of establishments that have sustainable business models or practices.

These users can create lists of places like nearby charging stations for electric cars, recycling centers or thrift stores, for example. These lists can be configured for other users to view or even contribute.

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