Don’t want to see Facebook memories anymore? So you can hide them

Not all facebook memories they are enjoyable. In addition, for those who are very active users of the social network, it may be a notification that they would like to avoid so as not to saturate their notification tray. With this in mind, we explain step by step how you can hide those memories on Facebook, Google and Apple devices.

After the success of Facebook’s ‘A day like today’ tool, with which users can remember content they posted on their feed In previous years or photos in which they were tagged, Google and Apple also implemented similar tools in which they remind you of moments with photos even with background music.

However, you can configure the memories on Facebook and also on your device to view very specific memories or none at all.

Notifications of Facebook memories how not to see them - Blog Hola Telcel

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How to set up Facebook memories?

By default, Facebook will send you a notification every time it detects a post from previous years on the same date that you entered the platform.

However, you can configure your account to avoid them. You just have to enter the section ‘Memories’ and on the left side you will find the option ‘Notifications’ where you can choose between three options; ‘All Memories’, ‘Highlights’ or ‘None’. With this mode, you will be able to review the memories in the left menu of the main news section.

How to see your Facebook memories in your news feed - Blog Hola Telcel

To control what to see in your memories, you will find a couple of options titled ‘Hide people’ and ‘Hide dates’ in the same section of ‘Memories’. In the first you can select usernames that Facebook will block from your “memories” and in the second you can select a specific day or a range of dates.

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So you can block the memories of Google Photos and Apple Photos

Although Google and Apple still do not implement the function of sending you notifications when they find a photo of the day in turn, they do remind you every time you enter your photo gallery. Luckily, you can also avoid this feature from ‘Photo Settings’.

Google Photos how to hide memories from Facebook and others - Blog Hola Telcel

In the case of Google you will find the tool ‘Hide dates’ and you only have to select the day or days that you want them to disappear.

While in Apple, you must select the specific photo or video and then touch the button ‘Suggest fewer memories like this.’ However, if the photo becomes dark, it may not detect features of people, landscapes or places and they will continue to appear.

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With these simple configurations, you will only see the memories that you decide, and relive unforgettable moments that you really treasure.

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