Don’t miss the official launch of the new realme 8 Pro!

Thanks to its good cell phone design and amazing cell phone technology, realme has become one of the innovative brands in telephony. For that reason, today we are pleased to present you the new realme 8 Pro, the newly integrated member of the family, which you will soon be able to enjoy with #TelcelLaMejorRed connectivity with the highest Coverage and Speed.

The new realme 8 Pro is so special that it will have its own launch event, which will take place this October 13, 2021 o’clock 7:00 pm through realme’s Facebook. An event that you cannot miss if you want to know all the news about the new team!

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realme 8 Pro

You must be aware of realme social networks, as well as Telcel social networks, to be part of the launch presentation of the new realme 8 Pro, from which great surprises are expected, details revealed and the best technology, the which will mark the future of the brand.

In this way you will be among the first to know the new realme equipment that everyone will want to have and soon be able to acquire yours through the Telcel online store if you are looking for a phone that meets all your expectations.

What to expect from the new realme 8 Pro?

The new realme 8 Pro is believed to be exceptional. A new smartphone that evolves the previously seen in the realme 7 Pro, with an even more surprising, dynamic and adaptable design to any style. It is also expected to have a professional camera system that allows you to capture anytime anywhere and is suitable for all types of audiences.

Jonah Hill meme excited for the new realme 8 Pro - blog Hola Telcel

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All the details will be revealed this October 13, so mark the date and time very well on your calendar and be part of one of the most anticipated revelations of the year. And you, what do you expect from the new realme? 😊

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