Don’t let it happen to you! Protect your cell phone against the unexpected with Telcel Up

Anyone who owns a mobile device can be exposed to damage, failure or theft of it. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about it. Well, if you have a Postpaid Plan and you missed the 30 days to protect it with Telcel Up We have incredible news for you; from January 19 to March 19, 2022 you can activate it with Open Enrollment. This way your equipment will be shielded from damage, theft and failure, in addition, if you renew early you can brand new team in a year. It is very easy to activate it!

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Protect your cell phone from theft and loss with Telcel Up - Blog Hola Telcel

What benefits does it give you to activate Telcel UP?

  • Your cell phone will be protected in case of theft, accidental physical damage such as liquid or broken screen, even an electrical or mechanical failure.
  • In the event of a claim (the terms and conditions of the contracted policy apply), a replacement device will be delivered to you, after paying your deductible.
  • After 12 continuous months of coverage in the Telcel UP Program you will have several benefits: As of the first day of the 13th month you will be able to access 18 and 24 month plans, as of the first day of the 16th month in 30 month plans and as of the first day of the month 19 in plans of 36 months, to the anticipated renewal, that is to say that you will be able to renew your cell phone in advance, without any penalty.
  • Now you will also have the option of screen repair in the event of a damage claim. Check out participating makes and models at Telcel Up page.
    Check more details, premiums and deductibles at Telcel Up.

Conditions to join Telcel UP during Open Enrollment

Having purchased your cell phone under a forced term plan, either at a Telcel Customer Service Center or at an Authorized Telcel Distributor, from January 1, 2022 to date.
Your cell phone must be in good physical and operational condition.
Consider that the equipment to be eligible must be for sale in Telcel at the time of your registration.

How do I activate Telcel UP?

Activating it is very simple, you just have to dial *111 or go to the Customer Service Center of your choice from January 19 to March 19, 2022.
Be part of Telcel Up and continue enjoying the benefits of #TelcelLaBestRed and the best coverage.

Terms and

Hiring Telcel Up is completely optional and can be canceled at any time by dialing *111 from your Telcel or by calling 800-099-0802. 1. Telcel Up is an insurance offered by Allianz México, SA, Compañía de Seguros (“Allianz”), as an adhesion contract and is administered by Asurion México, S. de RL de CV Telcel Up. It protects the insured telephone against theft, physical damage, mechanical, electrical failure (once the manufacturer’s warranty expires) subject to the payment of a deductible. The customer will pay, in case of damage or failure, a 30% deductible and, in case of theft, a 40% deductible. The deductible is calculated based on the current retail price of the insured equipment at the time of the loss, as it appears in our records, without applying subsidies or discounts. The replacement phone may be new or refurbished at the discretion of Allianz. Activation available from January 19 to March 19, 2022 for participating equipment contracted or renewed as of January 1, 2021 in Telcel Rate Plans, open, mixed, subject to a forced term (excludes corporate plans, prepaid and Smart Telcel Program ). For more information dial *111 or go to your nearest Customer Service Center. 2. The Telcel Up Program for early equipment exchange is an additional benefit offered by Telcel Up, which allows the user to renew the insured equipment in good condition; b) be up to date with line payments and premiums; c) make an additional administrative payment, if applicable, which will depend on the value of the insured equipment and will not be understood as a concept payment for the new equipment. 3. The possibility of brand new smartphone each year applies solely and exclusively to those customers who have a device insured with a Telcel Rate Plan subject to a mandatory term of 18 or 24 months and have Telcel Up. Before contracting Telcel Up and using the benefits of the Telcel Up Program for early exchange of equipment, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of both products, available at www. Product registered with the CNSF-50003-0107-2017 and the CONDUSEF-000753-04. Public Registry of Telecommunications folio: 142525.


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