Does Huawei copy Apple? The company could eliminate the USB-C charger

Huawei apple

Like the iPhone 12, Huawei’s next mobile could come without a USB-C charger. A trend that companies have adopted

Last October, Manzana presented its new range of family devices iPhone 12. The company surprised its followers with the characteristics of its equipment.

However, what was most striking is that the Cupertino company made the decision to no longer include the charger. According to the company, it is a decision to take care of the environment.

USB-C charger

Although the measure caused great controversy, it seems that other tech giants have decided to follow the same steps as Manzana and they already plan to remove the charger USB-C.

Such is the case of Huawei, who would already be looking at the way that their next teams do not have this element. According to an ITHome report, the company would have carried out a survey to find out the opinion of its customers.

It is rumored that the brand had asked if a charger cable of the type USB-C and if for the price paid it would be acceptable to omit it. He also wonders whether eliminating said cable would affect the purchase decision.


At the moment the questions were asked for those users who buy a wireless headset. However, the decision could be carried over to your mobile devices.

Although it is not information that is confirmed, Huawei he would already be thinking about removing this element for his next releases.

Experts assure that by eliminating the USB-C charger companies can save costs and have an extra for a product that was previously given for free.

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