Do your Android apps quit unexpectedly? This is how it is solved

If in the last few days when you are on your Android, you have noticed that some of your apps have begun to close automatically, we will tell you what is the reason and how to solve it.

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Some users have reported that when they want to use certain applications, the message appears on the screen: “The application has stopped working.”

How to fix apps that close themselves on Android

The first thing you have to know is that it is not an error on your smartphone. Google has provided the true explanation, according to its report, the failure is due to WebView.

Android System WebView is an application that aims to be a link between the Google Chrome browser and your Android tools, so when presenting a failure an error was generated in several apps that require connecting to a browser to perform some functions.

How to fix it on your Android?

Google has released an update for WebView, which you can install through the Play Store at this link.

If the same message appears again, you must uninstall the WebView updates, following these steps:

  • Go to Google Chrome settings.
  • Choose Applications Y Show system apps. Seeks “Android System WebView”.
  • Choose “Uninstall updates”, You will find it at the bottom or in the menu of the 3 vertical dots.
    Although this should be your last option.

How to fix apps that close themselves on Android

With this it should be solved and you could continue using all your apps without setbacks. Have you already tried?

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