Do you remember ‘The Haunted Mansion’? Owen Wilson will star in the new ‘remake’!

We have already seen many remakes Disney, as well as versions live-action of classic movies. However, it was the turn of an emblematic film, but that many no longer remember, we talk about The haunted mansion, starring Eddie Murphy and now run by the likeable Owen Wilson.

New Disney movie the haunted mansion will star Owen Wilson - Hola Telcel blog

After 18 years,The haunted mansion will be back!

Owen Wilson, actor who recently starred in the series Loki, will be the new Jim Evers, a real estate agent looking to sell the old mansion that hides a great secret.

According The HollyWood Reporter, Owen Wilson will be accompanied by actress LaKeith Santfield and Tiffany Hadish, who will be part of this new remake. However, it is important to clarify that at the moment they are only rumors and Disney has not confirmed anything in this regard.

What changes will there be in the new movie?

The haunted mansion, released in 2003, is a classic that captivated many at that time. A film in which Eddie Murphy plays a real estate agent who decides to take a trip to a mansion with his family where they meet 999 ghosts.

Owen Wilson will be part of the remake of The Haunted Mansion in the role of Eddie Murphy - Hola Telcel Blog

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The new version is believed to follow the same format as the first. However, there will be a change in characters, actors who interpret it and a much more realistic proposal, considering the technology in audiovisual effects that is available today.

Disney Confirms Owen Wilson For Haunted Mansion Remake - Hola Telcel BlogThe only thing that is confirmed about him remake from The haunted mansion is that Justin Simein will be the director, Nick Reynold the executive producer and Katie Dippold the scriptwriter.

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This new installment is expected to achieve and exceed what was done with the first, directed by Rob Minkoff, which was made with a budget of ninety million dollars and managed to raise 190 million more. In addition, Disney took advantage of the success of the film to make an attraction in its theme parks.

The haunted mansion will have a remake starring Owen Wilson - Hola Telcel blog

The release date is unknown, but it is believed that the filming will begin at the beginning of October. In the meantime tell us, what other classic movie would you like to see come back to the cinema in a renewed remake?

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