Do you know what the purple alien emoji means on WhatsApp?

One of the most fun parts of having virtual conversations is the nuances that we can give them with many tools. More than that, we actually mean additions. From a gif funny or sad that shows our feelings, even the particular emojis that even help us to abbreviate words or entire expressions.

However, there are a few of which we still do not know their exact meaning, such as the purple alien emoji that we send constantly by WhatsApp.

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While some might assume that it is just a face, one of the things that iconography and the study of symbols have taught us is that we are the ones who give meaning to things. For this reason, there can be many variants on what someone can say with this or that emoji.

To try to find a more universal solution and answer, we have investigated what it means WhatsApp’s purple alien emoji. As well as what is the exact use that most users give it.

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Purple alien emoji: its official meaning for WhatsApp


the meanings of the purple emoji of whatsapp, know them all - Blog Hola Telcel

We are sure that you have often wondered what is behind the whatsapp purple alien emoji. It is a small purple monster with tentacles around it. These are raised and scattered around her figure, giving her an eye-friendly feel.

The main trick to know its meaning comes from the design. If you have noticed, the style of such a graphic resembles that of retro video games where the pixels were larger than normal. The images were then finished with highly geometric edges.

Its design makes all the sense in the world because according to EmojipediaEast purple alien emoji for WhatsApp, is a representation of classic video games. Especially mention is made of space invaders as the immediate reference.

In the world gamer, this information is well known. That is why those who have a conversation about video games and use the emoji, will have understood the correct meaning.

Other meanings

Origin in video games of the purple alien emoji on whatsapp - Blog Hola Telcel

There are many people who use this emoji as a reference to aliens and outer space. When fans of ufology, or of this type of mysterious subject, have a conversation in WhatsApp by default use the purple alien emoji.

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Truth be told, there are no right or wrong uses for an emoji. One of the qualities of finding such a variety of them is that the user can adapt them to their convenience.

How do you use this emoji?

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