Do you hear it? This sound only “under 25 years of age can hear it”

Various images have become viral on social networks in which several people see the same image or color and others perceive something totally different, for example the photo of the white and gold or blue and black dress. This time, a new viral challenge has become popular on TikTok, it is a sound that “only those under 25 can hear.”

New sound challenge on TikTok

Audio is a high frequency beep that not everyone can hear, but those who do say that it is a very annoying sound that even leads them to cover their ears.

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@carmenelisabeeth #fyp #imold

♬ Under age of 25 – Metzie

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The hearing challenge has made many users of the platform try it, the published videos show people of different ages, that is, some older and others under 25 years old. Then they play the audio and apparently only the youngest react to a sound that the rest do not perceive.

These short clips could confirm the theory that only those under 25 listen to it and the rest do not. But, a viral social media challenge is not an exact science.


could you hear it? 😖📢 #genzvsmillenial #millenialtiktok #genxtiktok #momtoks #youngmomlife

♬ Under age of 25 – Metzie

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The fact that some people hear it and others do not, could be due to the level of frequency that each ear reaches, however, there are many circumstances that can influence this and not just age.

Have you already tried? Can you hear something?

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Well damn, that’s true #test #sounds #imold # under25 #familygoals #fyp

♬ Under age of 25 – Metzie

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