Disroot, what is it and how to open an account on this platform?

about disroot

In the next article we are going to take a look at Disroot and how we can open an account on it. free, private and secure platform. As today, security is something that users of internet services are looking for more and more, it is worth learning about projects like this one. Disroot is a project based in Amsterdam, maintained by volunteers and dependent on the support of its community.

It was originally created for personal needs, as creators were looking for software that they could use to communicate, share, and organize their stuff. These people were looking tools that should be open, decentralized and respectful of freedom and privacy. Even though most of the available solutions lacked the key elements they were looking for.

As they searched for the tools they needed, they found some projects that they found interesting. Projects that they thought should be available to anyone who values ​​principles similar to what they sought. Therefore, they decided to collect some of these and share them with others. That’s how Disroot started.

With the operation of Disroot, the creators seek to change the way people normally interact on the web. They seek to encourage people to move away from popular software and switch to open and ethical alternatives..

From how he was born, it is clear that Disroot.org uses free software, decentralized and above all respectful of freedom/privacy. In addition, their service is “free” (open to donation).

How to create an account in disroot?

To create an account in Disroot we will have to go to the following URL.

user registration selection

Once in it we will click on the button “New user registration. Pressing this button will take us to a registration form (which is in english), and in which we will have to cover all the fields.

disroot registration form

After covering them a code will be sent to the email we use to create the account. It is convenient to take a look at the spam tray of our account, because the message can end up there. When we receive it, we will have to copy the code and paste it in the window that we will see after the form.

paste account creation code

The next step will be accept the terms of use. Next, our account will be created.

account pending verification

Before being able to use it, we will receive an email indicating that they will review our application, and they will contact us within the next 48 hours.. Until then our account is pending trial and cannot be used.

When the necessary time passes and they validate the account, we will receive another email in which they will indicate that our account has already been approved.

activated account

When we access with our username and password, we will see a main menu like the following:

disroot main panel

And what is included?

From Disroot we could say that it is like a Swiss army knife. Even without an account, users can use this application to access services that do not require an account. (Pads, Upload, etc.).

Among the things that it will offer us we can find:


  • Email → It will allow us to use secure and free email accounts for the desktop IMAP client or via the web. They offer this through RainLoop, which has, among other things, GPG encryption and the promise that no ads are displayed, web activity is not tracked, and messages you store on the server are not read. They give free of charge 1GB Of space. To access.

disroot cloud

  • Cloud → It will allow us to collaborate, synchronize and share files, calendars, contacts and more. The cloud service Disroot is developed by Nextcloud. Compared to other commercial alternatives, the service guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the data stored, and that only the owner of the account has control over it. In addition to keeping our data encrypted, they ensure that they comply with the GDPR (the new European data protection law). To access.

disroot forum

  • Forum → It has discussion forums and mailing lists for your community or collective group. The Disroot forum is powered by Discourse, a complete open source solution for discussion forums. To access.

web chat

  • XMPP Chat → We will have decentralized instant messaging. A standardized, open and federated chat protocol, with the ability to encrypt your communication with the OMEMO protocol (based on an encryption method also used by services like Signal and Matrix) To access.

chat unroot

  • pads → Create and edit documents collaboratively and in real time directly from the browser. Disroot pads are powered by Etherpad. open a pad.


  • EtherCalc → It will allow us to edit templates collaboratively and in real time from the browser. open a template.

bin disroot

  • Private Bin → It is an open source, minimalist online pastebin and discussion board. Share a cakebin.

upload files

  • Rise → An encrypted temporary accommodation. Disroot Upload Service is a file hosting software, developed by Lufi. The maximum file size should be 2GB, and it can be online between 24 hours and 30 days. Share a file.

disroot searches

  • searches → Anonymous multi-engine search platform. Disroot Search is a search engine like Google, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, developed by Searx. Look for.


  • surveys → Service to plan meetings or make decisions quickly and easily. Disroot surveys are powered by Framadate, which is an online service to easily and quickly plan a meeting or make a decision. start a survey.

project board

  • project board → A project management tool. Disroot Project Board is a project management tool, developed by Taiga. To access.

disroot calls

  • calls → Videoconferencing tool. Disroot Calling service is video conferencing software, developed by Jitsi-Meet. To call.

gitea disroot

  • git → Code hosting and collaborative projects. Disroot Git is developed by Gitea. To access.


  • Audio → Audio chat tool. Disroot Audio is developed by Mumble. You do not need to have an account to use Mumble. But you have greater privileges if you register your username. connect.


  • CryptoPad → It is powered by CryptPad and provides a fully end-to-end encrypted collaborative office suite. To access.

By using any of the services provided by Disroot.org, users are accepting the following TERMS OF USE.

To learn about everything Disroot can do, the developers have created a section of documentation complete in which they seek to cover all services, with all the features provided by Disroot. If you are interested in knowing the different ways in which you can contribute to this project, you can review the corresponding section on your website.

Disroot is a very useful online platform as it allows the use of a wide range of applications and services of great value for today’s digital life, all of them being free and secure.

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