Discover how to activate the best shortcuts on your iPhone

Your iPhone helps you stay connected, send emails, make calls, chat, take photos and much more. But, did you know that there are shortcuts that help you use it more quickly and efficiently? Discover these shortcuts that will expand the capabilities of your device.

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5 shortcuts on your iPhone that you should activate

how to activate the best shortcuts on your iPhone

Create strong passwords

Every time you download a new tool, the system asks you to create a password, a recommendation is to give each app a different one. To facilitate this process, you can activate this shortcut that will help you strengthen the security of your accounts, as it will help you create the safest passwords. You find it in this link.

Shorter links

To be able to share videos, notes or publications on your social networks, it is preferable to use short links, as they are more practical. You can activate the Bitly shortcut to put your link there and cut it. Do it from this link.

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Convert video files to audio

This tool is very useful for creating your own message or call tones. From the ‘Files’ app, you can choose one of your available videos and convert it into an audio. Just click on this link.

how to activate the best shortcuts on your iPhone

Dry your iPhone

If for any reason your iPhone gets splashed with water, either because you made a call while it was raining or you put it on a sink while you were washing your hands. There is a function that will help you dry it, in a similar way to how it is done on an Apple Watch, which by means of a sound expels the water from the device. You can activate it with this link.

Calculate the tip

Surely it has happened to you that when ordering food at home or when visiting a restaurant, you would like an easy method to calculate the tip you should leave. This shortcut will do it for you, it will only ask you how much is the total of the account and what percentage you want to leave. Download it from here.

Which of these shortcuts will you find most useful?

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