Discounts to buy high quality waterproof smartbands

There are quite a few options that meet the aforementioned requirement and that do not run any risk if you want to bathe with them, or if you go out to practice a sport now that it is hot (and sweat in some cases can be problematic) . We have chosen options that we think will fit you, since they have a very attractive price, since all of them have characteristics that make them complete. An example part of what we say is that these smart bracelets include heart rate sensor And, in addition, these bracelets do not lack a color screen where you can review any type of information.

Smartband detecting heart rateThe waterproof smartbands now on sale

Each and every one of the wearable accessories that we are talking about, you will be able to get without having to leave home, which is ensures high comfort when making the purchase. In addition, options such as the strap also offer high resistance so you can not worry in this regard. Without further ado, we go on to show the options that we really believe are recommended, since they even have a good design.

Xiaomi Smart Band 6

This model, which comes with new features compared to the previous version, such as a new charging system and a larger screen, has once again become a reference in the market. With wide compatibility, its number of functions is excellent.

Xiaomi Smart Band 6 on

Right now you can get it for only 40.26 euros, a fairly reasonable price, and enjoy a large number of integrated sensors, as well as a huge possibility of recognizing different sports activities. A great purchase option.

OPPO Band Sport

This is one of the most resistant options among all the waterproof smartbands, since for example its strap surrounds the entire screen which avoids problems with shocks. With a good autonomy that reaches 12 days of usual use, you can use it with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Smartband OPPO Band Sport in black color

Right now you can take advantage of a 29% discount to buy this accessory, which means a very good opportunity. Its 1.1-inch screen is of quite a quality, since the panel it uses is AMOLED.

Amazfit Band 5

An accessory I go to cable that has options compared to the rest of its competition. An example of what we say is that it has compatibility with the Alexa voice assistant. In addition, apart from offering protection against water, it also includes support for the US Army military standard, so you will not have problems with falls.

Smartband Amazfit Band 5 in black color

Without problems to change the strap if you wish and with a battery of enough charge that ensures a couple of weeks of use, it should be noted that this device that includes a gyroscope now has a discount of 25%.

Realme band

Among all the waterproof smartbands that we have chosen, there is the one with the most adjusted price. Therefore, its 20% discount allows it to be an option that is available to all audiences. In addition, it has virtues such as excellent compatibility and not lacking a color screen.

Green Realme Band Smartband

With the option to recognize a good number of Sports automatically, it also includes enough sensors to know the quality of sleep. You can manage with this model the notifications that come to the phone.

Huawei Band 4 Pro

A fairly complete purchase option that has a very good resistance to water and that has the differential element of integrating GPS. This allows that when you go out to do sports with this bracelet on, it is not necessary to carry your phone with you, since you can use this accessory as if it were a pedometer.

huawei band 4 pro on sale

At the moment the discount that you can take advantage of is no less than 38%, so it remains at a fairly adequate price compared to the rest. It does not lack a color screen and an autonomy that comfortably exceeds the week of use.

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