Discounts on accessories for the Kindle PaperWhite

Among the large number of accessories available for the Amazon device, we have made a selection with some of the most used daily and that can be of great help both when using the Kindle Paperwhite and when taking it aside for another in a totally protected and secure way.

Accessories on sale for the Kindle Paperwhite

Leather case

Synthetic leather case designed for the Kindle Paperwhite with a very slim design and ideal for carrying the eReader from one place to another in total comfort and always protected from any bump or scratch. The interior is soft microfiber to avoid any scratches on the screen. the original price is 18.99 euros, but it is possible to buy it now on sale for only 14.99 euros.

leather case for Kindle Papwerwhite

Reading support

Although on many occasions we are the ones who hold the device while we read, the truth is that we can use a support like this to be able to support the Kindle Paperwhite and be able to read without having to hold it with our hands. It is made of aluminum, is compatible with other devices and allows you to adjust the angle of inclination. Its official price is 16.99 euros, but now it has a 15% off.

support reading kindle paperwhite

Designer cover

If in addition to protecting your eReader you want to give it a personal touch, this “Pass this on” design case allows you to carry your Kindle Paperwhite perfectly protected. It is a book-type case with layers of neoprene that cushion any blow to the device and that has elastic straps for a perfect hold of the reader. The original price of the case is 39.99 euros, while now it is possible to get it on sale for 24.99 euros.

kindle paperwhite design case


If the original charger of the Kindle PaperWhite breaks down and we need a replacement or if we want a replacement to carry it in our bag or have it at work, now we can find this model on sale at an outrageous price. Its official price is 6.69 euros, but a 55% discount has been applied, which allows us to buy it for only 3.01 euros. In addition, the offer includes free shipping costs to our country. It is a fast charge compatible model.

kindle paperwhite charger

Charging and transfer cable

It can also damage the charging cable or that allows us to connect the Kindle Paperwhite to our computer. In this case, we can buy a USB type A cable compatible with the connector of our eReader like this one from Amazon itself. A cable whose original price is 6.22 euros and that we can now buy with a 10% discount from the following link.

Kindle Paperwhite charger cable

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