Discount to get the Logitech G502 Hero in PcComponentes

This is a device designed by and to improve the response you have when playing, since for this it includes something that allows you to adjust in a very specific way the comfort and reliability you have when using it. This is nothing but a weight system, each of them weighing 3.6 grams, which allows to adjust very precise what it will cost you to move the mouse we are talking about. This makes any movement in games, such as pointing a weapon, to be performed with a effectiveness that otherwise would be practically impossible to achieve. Completely differential, there is no doubt.

Interior dek Logitech G502 Hero

Another of the great virtues that this Logitech G502 Hero has has to do with the resolution of its HERO-type sensor. This goes from 200 at 16,000 dpi (Yes, you read it right). Therefore, the precision it offers when recognizing movements is excellent and, therefore, the practically automatic response, something that is very appreciated especially when you are enjoying action titles. In addition, we also believe that it is very important to indicate that the acceleration that he is capable of recognizing is brutal, since it is situated in the 40 G2.

Great deal to buy this mouse

If what you have read so far is already convincing you, you should know that this Logitech G502 Hero has such interesting options as the inclusion of G LIGHTSYNC technology to take advantage of RGB lighting (with excellent customization). Right now you can get this accessory with a 40% discount, which means that you only have to pay 54.99 euros. Quite a bargain. Without further ado, we leave you the link that you have to use to be able to make the purchase from home paying only € 3.95 as shipping costs and with the good detail of being able to receive the product the day after paying it.

Lots of options on the Logitech G502 Hero

Offering cable connectivity that ensures that there will be no delay when recognizing all the movements and actions you do while playing, we believe it is quite important to mention that this is a model that has nothing more and nothing less than 11 buttons all of them programmable. In this way, you can adjust the operation of this accessory exactly as you need it. In addition, it is also quite interesting that it is possible to configure the scroll wheel that is included in the upper part with two different modes, one of them being the so-called superfast that surely fits you in the games.

Logitech G502 Hero in black

As far as compatibility is concerned, it must be said that this is a model that can be used both with the operating system macOS as with Windows 10, since its connection is made through the use of a USB port. In addition, it includes internal memory where it is possible to save information up to five profiles different, which for example may be the ones for the games you use the most. The truth is that taking into account the existing discount and the design that this Logitech G502 Hero has, we believe that the aforementioned gaming mouse is an excellent purchase option at the moment.

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