Discount: powerful discounted Lenovo computer with Windows 10

If you are clear that your computer does not give more of itself, it is very possible that you have in mind to change it. Well, right now you can take advantage of an excellent offer to get a lenovo computer which is the most complete, since it even allows you to enjoy the games.

The equipment we are talking about exactly is the Lenovo Ideacentre T540-15ICB, a desktop model that has a rather striking color box black and with some details in blue and that among other virtues it has by offering a good number of connections on its front (such as several USB ports or the connection for headphones). The dimensions it has are the following: 302.7 x 366 x 145 mm, so it is not particularly large and you can place it without much problem both on the desk and underneath a piece of furniture if you wish.

Front of the Lenovo Ideacentre T540-15ICB computer

The main hardware that you will find in this computer is a processor Intel Core i7 ninth generation that is combined with a good amount of RAM so that all kinds of software run without the slightest problem. An example of what we say is the operating system Windows 10, which is included by default and which ensures access to a large number of applications (including games). And this is an important detail, since inside the Lenovo computer we are talking about you will find a dedicated graphic that will allow you to run this type of content without many problems.

Some important options that you should know

One of those that we consider basic is that in the storage section there is excellent news, since this is a model that includes a combination of internal discs that ensure that in this section you will be quite satisfied. On the one hand, it has a component type 256GB SSD that offers an excellent speed of access to the information, which makes it ideal to have Windows installed there. Besides, there is a second element mechanical of nothing less than 1 TBThis is the option that you must use to save the data that you want to store and that are not vital (such as a text document or a video that you have recorded with the phone).

Using the Lenovo Ideacentre T540-15ICB computer

A big discount for this Lenovo computer

To date we have not seen a similar discount in any online store to buy this device, since we are talking about 33% compared to the price that it usually has, which allows save you no less than 420 euros. An excellent opportunity to get a very complete computer. Without having to pay nothing for shipping costs At this time, if you access the link that we leave behind in this paragraph, we believe that the existing one is an excellent opportunity and that, therefore, you should not miss it.

Before concluding we want to indicate something that we think is important: the connectivity options. If this is something that worries you, the truth is that the Lenovo Ideacentre T540-15ICB will not disappoint you, since apart from including output HDMI or have an Ethernet port, there are also nothing less than nine USB connectionsOne of them being type C, which ensures that any type of accessory can be used.

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