Discount on Amazon for Sony SRS-XB23 wireless speaker

When we go to buy a wireless speaker there are several factors that we cannot ignore. It is important that they have good autonomy and that their sound is powerful and clear. But just as important is that they offer some kind of resistance, since these products are very given to suffer inclement weather or accidental drops and bumps. Luckily, the Sony Sony SRS-XB23 has all of that and much more.

Sony SRS-XB23 01

A high-end portable speaker

Sony is a veteran company in sound and shows it with every product that it puts out. In this case, the SRS-XB23 is a high-end loudspeaker designed for the most demanding and that they have no qualms about spending something more, if with it they achieve the quality levels they are looking for. The good news is that Amazon has this speaker right now at a discount that many will not miss.

It stands out largely for having a cylinder-shaped design that makes it compact, fitting perfectly in the holder of a camping chair. It has a comfortable strap to hang the speaker in a tent or in the nearest tree. Count with one loud and powerful sound thanks to dual passive radiators, combined with two full-range speakers, enhance bass.

Sony SRS-XB23

It also features X-Balanced Speaker Unit technology, developed by Sony, which delivers high-quality sound and powerful sound pressure for a deeper, richer and more satisfying listening experience. What’s more It is IP673 certified which means it is resistant to dust and to fresh and salt water. Sony claims that the SRS-XB23 has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it withstands the inevitable impacts, bumps and scratches of everyday use. This point is very important for all users who use this type of device in their outdoor outings.

A discount to take advantage of

Right now, we found this wireless speaker on Amazon for 80.98 euros. This is a reduction of almost 40 euros compared to its original price, set by Sony at 120 euros. Keep in mind that this low price is valid for the gray color. In addition, Amazon Prime customers will not pay shipping costs and will be able to qualify for payment in installments of this speaker. In case of choosing this last modality, we can pay it in four installments of 20 euros. But as we always warn, not knowing for how long this offer will be available, so it is preferable to hurry before it disappears.

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