Discount of more than 100 euros on the Phillips Ambilight 4K TV

Plus, it’s going to look a lot better and it’ll cost you half of what you paid for that hulk back in the day. “Jokes” aside, the truth is that the Philips Ambilight is one of the best options we find at the moment, especially since TV you get a discount that is well worth it.

Image quality per flag

We are facing a 50-inch screen, which has a good image quality and an elegant design. The sound is not short either and also It has voice control with AI. The Ambilight label on this 4K TV assumes that the smart LEDs around the edges of the TV respond to on-screen action and emit captivating surround light.

Philips Ambilight specs

What many users will value the most is that we are facing a TV with an Android TV operating system. This means that we will have full access to Google Play and thousands of applications including games. It does not matter which application comes out, since you can download it from Google’s bazaar and stop fearing that your TV’s operating system will be left behind. You can also use your voice to control your Philips Android TV via Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo. This way you can dim the lights and adjust the thermostat, turn the TV on or off, change the channel, switch to the video game console and much more.

Philips Ambilight 55PUS7304 / 12

The image quality is beyond doubt, since we are talking about a panel Philips 4K UHD, which supports all major HDR formats, including HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. This enhances colors in all their essence, whether in a movie or a video game, achieving purer colors and more intense brightness. When placing it in any room in the house we will not have a problem, since it has a rotating central pedestal to be able to place the screen at an angle. Whatever the location of the TV, the silver bezel will give us a sophisticated touch and the perfect vision.

Big discount on the Philips Ambilight

All of the above are arguments to consider this TV as our next acquisition. However, the price is also important. In these moments, we can buy the Phillips Ambilight for 588.99 euros, that is, it has a discount of more than 110 euros on its original price, set at 699 euros. In this case, Amazon Prime users can also take advantage of the interest-free installment payment, in addition to not paying anything for shipping costs. We are facing a great offer, but what we do not know is how long it will be available, which should make you move quickly in case it seems like a good option like us.

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